Join The Team!

Although it may be only me in the boat, this campaign is truly a team effort. I would love to have you on my team as we work towards the Olympics!


I am looking to bring some corporate sponsors into my team who understand my vision and share my core values of dreaming big, working hard, always improving and innovating, and representing our great country!

Below are some of the benefits that I can provide my corporate sponsors. Every company has different goals and needs, so I would love the opportunity to talk with you to tailor the perfect partnership that helps us both achieve our goals.

  • Public Speaking - I have learned countless lessons through my experiences as a high performance athlete which are equally applicable in a business context. I can give talks at corporate events, to employees, or to the executive team on topics such as:

    • “My Story”

    • “Resiliency In The Face Of The Unknown”

    • “Redefining Risk”

    • “Success or Failure - removing emotion from the debriefing process”

    • “Internally - where the race is truly won or lost”

  • Advertising - I can put the logo of your company on my sail, boat and clothing. This will provide significant physical exposure to a broad range of people around the world. In addition, through photos and videos shared via social media, your brand will be highly visible to my following which is concentrated in Canada and specifically in Vancouver. We will accomplish more than simple exposure as your brand will be associated with the values that I represent.

  • Specific content creation - Lots of examples, values, and ideals can be pulled from my story, sailing, and high performance sport in general that will specifically relate to your company’s message. I will provide you with videos and articles which I will also share through my social media and website that showcase this specific message. This benefit is not “one size fits all,” and has to be tailored to your companies specific goals. Some examples could include creating a video that demonstrates the importance that my coach plays in my performance as an athlete and drawing that correlation to your business as a financial advisor or business consultant. Or, writing an article about the strategic discipline required to win sailing regattas where the champions are not those who win a single race, but those who are able to perform consistently over the course of the 12 races that make up a regatta, and drawing that correlation to your business as an investment firm.

    I would love the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to achieve our goals.



The financial requirements to fund an Olympic Sailing campaign at this level are astronomical. If you are able to contribute financially to help me achieve this dream, I would be extremely grateful, and any amount helps.

If you are a Canadian and would like a tax receipt for your donation, you can make the donation through Wind Athletes Canada. They will pass the funds on to me, and issue you a tax receipt. (If you make a donation through Wind Athletes Canada, please also send me an email, as I don’t get notified immediately when a donation comes in.)

If you do not need a tax receipt, you can mail me a cheque at 2930 Deer Ridge Place, West Vancouver, BC V7S 3G7, Canada. Or you can donate by credit card directly through my website here:

Donate directly through my website