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2017/ 2018

Bahadur Karim

Samir & Sheena Manji

Arif & Naz Babul

Brian Angus & Dorothy Stauffer

Paul Cosulich

Laurie Newman

Aly Virani

Walentyna Karcz

2018/ 2019

Samir & Sheena Manji

Nosh & Nina Vellani

Bahadur Karim

Hanif & Khairun Vellani

Aziz Shariff

Omar Ladak

Amir Nooruddin

Aziz Haji



West Coast Sailing

I have been buying my boats and equipment from the guys at West Coast Sailing pretty much since I started in the sport. I distinctly remember the first time I bought a boat from them. George, the owner, came in when the shop was closed and spent hours with me getting the boat set up perfectly. That was back in 2010, and the business has grown substantially since then, yet the guys at West Coast Sailing still manage to maintain that same level of customer service for their clients. Their mission is to get people sailing, and that shows in everything that they do. Located in Portland, Oregon, West Coast Sailing is the place to go for all of your small boat needs!

Royal Vancouver Yacht CLub

The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club is one of the world’s premier yacht clubs. The RVYC's mission is to promote yachting, seamanship and fellowship among members.