April: Lots of school and a bit of training

April started off in Vancouver for me, with a fairly significant pile of schoolwork to get done. This was the first time that it was really a struggle to get done what I needed to get done on that front. Unfortunately, this resulted in a big portion of the month where I wasn't able to really do any proper training. Just over a week ago, I was finally caught up enough with my schoolwork to come out to Toronto ( where I am now) and begin training. It has been good to get back to work and to be back in the training routine. The cost of the time off is still very clear, specifically with my fitness levels having dropped quite a bit over this time away from training. I have learned a important lesson from this all though; I can take time off from sailing and pretty much pick up where I left off, but with fitness, if I'm not moving forward, I'm moving backward. Unfortunately, I'm going to be applying what I've learned sooner than I would have hoped as I have a lot more schoolwork to get done over the next few months before I'm finally done with it all at the end of June. 


On another note, this month, I got a new sponsorship from Polar. I have been using their products to complement my training for some time now and I am excited to have them on my team going forwards.




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