All set to go

This week has been all about maintenance: maintaining my physical strength, maintaining my technical skills and maintaining my mental state of mind all while ensuring that I am not tiring myself out. What this basically meant is all week I have been doing very short high intensity sessions on the water and in the gym with lots of time left in the day to focus on active recovery. By keeping the sessions short but intense, I get to practice sailing the way that I will sail during the regatta, but I’m not tiring myself out. At this point, I honestly don’t have a ton of new stuff to write about from last week. I feel prepared. Now, it will come down to my ability to perform and execute what I have trained in a high-pressure situation. The regatta will be held over four days starting on Monday. If you are interested in following my progress I will be posting updates on my Facebook page and results will be posted at 

Thanks for reading and until next week,



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