Sailing World Cup Final

Yesterday was the last day of fleet racing for the Sailing World Cup Final here in Melbourne, Australia. For me this regatta was both very exciting, and very frustrating. I have to keep reminding myself that progress is relative, and progress takes time. This regatta clearly represents some of the significant improvements that I have made over the last few months. When I think back to previous top level regattas that I have done, I have been at the back of the fleet from beginning to end of all the races, never really in the mix of the fleet. I would describe my sailing at that point as having significant weaknesses, and less significant weaknesses. No real strengths relative to the level of the fleet. There was a clear difference between that, and the way that I sailed here. This is the exciting part. There were a number of races where I was able to get well into the mix, and be competitive in this high quality fleet. I showed some strengths in my boat speed upwind in certain conditions as well as my upwind tactics. I was at par with the level of the fleet in certain areas, and I still have some massive weaknesses downwind and on reaches. This is the frustrating part. Despite doing some things well, my weaknesses are so significant that I still end up at the back of the fleet at the end of the race. It is definitely not enjoyable to put together a great upwind leg, and then have half the fleet sail past you before the next mark! Still this has very clearly identified where my losses are on the race course, and leaves a clear picture of what needs to be worked on going forwards.

Tomorrow, I will head back to Sydney to race in the Sail Sydney regatta before going home. It is shaping up to be a strong fleet, and I am looking forwards to racing in my training grounds. It will also be a big help to have the support of my coach at this regatta. I was not able to have him with me here in Melbourne due to budgetary restrictions. It should be a great regatta, can’t wait!


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