Things Are Looking Up

Over the last month and a half since the Sailing World Cup in Miami, I have had what ended up being a relaxed block of time at home. I did about 10 days of sailing in Victoria with Max Gallant, one of the national team guys, but spent the rest of the time at home in Vancouver where I did some gym training, but only got out on the water twice. I had also decided to begin taking courses online to start slowly working towards a business degree. I took advantage of the lull in my training schedule to get my first course done. I ended up doing the whole course in two weeks, which was a bit of a shock to the system after not having done any studying since I graduated high school almost two years ago! Aside from the training camp in Victoria which had a couple of moments of excitement, including my first time ever sailing in a snow storm (schools and universities were all cancelled that day due to the snow, which made it feel that much more intense,) it was a pretty chill period of time, and it is always nice to spend some time at home.

The reason for what has ended up being a gap in my training schedule was that, as I have mentioned in past updates, I am going through a bit of a transition phase. I had split with my old coach in December, and knew that if I didn’t find a new coach and program, I would be at a huge disadvantage and would greatly minimize my chances of being successful. I was ready to go at it on my own, if that was what it ended up coming down to, but I was still going to do everything that I could to find a better solution.

During this period, I have been very fortunate to have an opportunity that has the potential to be truly best case scenario present itself. I am trying not to get too excited too early, as things are not yet 100%, but this program feels like it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. The coach is a legend, the training group is world class, and, in a relative sense, the costs are reasonable. I will still need to fundraise to be able to cover some of the costs to make it happen, but I will wait until I know more details and numbers to approach this directly.

 I am currently in the airport in Lyon, awaiting my next connection as I head to Slovenia to meet the coach and begin training. I can’t predict the future, but things have definitely taken a positive turn, and I am excited for what is to come!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Samir Manji and Paul Cosulich for their recent donations to my campaign! The support is very much appreciated!


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