The new program

I have now had four days of training in Sydney Harbour here in Australia. I'm really happy with how things are going so far. My new coach, Brett, is incredible. He has done a very good job of breaking down what I need to accomplish into small and manageable steps. This allows me to know exactly what I need to be focusing on at any given point. This approach has clearly been working as I have made some pretty substantial improvements in just the last 4 days of training. In addition, the other sailor who I am training with at the moment is at a higher level than me. I find that this is a positive because I have to work really hard just to keep up with him. Physically. this training has been a little bit of a shock to my system. Whereas before, in my old program, on water training sessions would be about two or three hours, now, four or five hours on the water is normal. And it's windy here, pretty much everyday. All of this is good stuff, my body will adapt and I will grow stronger as a result. I'm just hoping that happens sooner that later... because I can hardly walk right now. Anyways, I have a rest day tomorrow, so I'll have a chance to recover before we're back on the water on Tuesday. 


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