Wangi Wangi

This weekend, I competed in the New South Wales State Championships. The regatta was held on Lake Macquarie in a place called Wangi Wangi. I'm still getting used to all of the abstract names for Australian suburbs; Wangi Wangi wouldn't even make my list of the top 3 coolest place names I've seen so far! I have been training here in Sydney for 3 weeks now, so the purpose of this regatta was to evaluate my progress on the areas that we have been focusing on as well as to identify what other areas we need to focus on going forward. Over the last 3 weeks, we have been making a lot of big changes to both the way that I sail the boat and the way that I approach making tactical decisions. Since it has only been three weeks, my concern going into this regatta was that with the pressures of a race environment, I would relapse into my old way of sailing. I was quite happy that this didn't happen. It was really quite satisfying to see how much better I am in the areas that we have been focusing on than I was only three weeks ago. This regatta also successfully served it's second purpose of identifying what areas we need to focus on in training going forward. Some of the areas that were underlined were my time on distance calculations before the start, my ability to execute my race plan when other boats are interfering with it and reaches in general. (the reach is the leg of the course when you are perpendicular to the wind). I'm super excited to get back to training to turn these weaknesses into strengths! 


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