Time to race

The last 6 weeks, I was training in Sydney, Australia. This was my first time working with my new coach and training group and things went really well. In fact, I would say that this was probably my most productive training block to date. It was also probably my most physically and mentally draining training block to date. But hey, that's all part of the path to excellence. If anything, it probably will have helped to toughen me up a little, which is always a good thing! At the end of this training block, I was just drained. It was a challenge to summon up the energy to complete some of the simplest tasks. Fortunately, I have had the last three days off of on water training to recuperate because we had to pack up all our gear and then drive down to Melbourne. I am now feeling much better and am energized and excited to race. Over the next two and a half weeks, I will be competing in three regattas. Starting tomorrow, there is a warm up regatta for the Melbourne edition of the Sailing World Cup, then I will be competing in the World Cup event and then we will go back to Sydney to compete in the Sail Sydney regatta. I am very excited to be competing against some of the best sailors in the world at these regattas and I'm just looking forward to doing some racing!


Here are some photos of the venue in Melbourne:


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