Back at it

After the completion of the Youth Worlds, I took two weeks away from sailing to relax and recover. After all of the training and competing that I did over the summer, it was beneficial for me to have some time away from it all. As of a week ago, I am now back at it, training in Vancouver.

I am now transitioning from the Laser Radial class (youth class and women’s Olympic class) into the Laser Full Rig class (men’s Olympic class.) There are still some significant questions to be answered and decisions to be made with regards to who I will be training with, where I will be training and who I will be coached by as I transition into the Full Rig class. I am working hard at answering these questions and making the right decisions in this regard. In the mean time, I am taking advantage of this transition period to focus on increasing my fitness and building my mental skills – the foundation upon which everything else is built. Over the past week, my typical day was a strength training session in the morning followed by a afternoon sailing session on the water and finally a conditioning session in the gym in the evening. Next week, I will not be sailing, just training in the gym. I will therefore be doing two or three sessions per day in the gym. In addition to the fitness training, there will be an increased emphasis on working on mental skills with my mental performance coach as well as continuing to work on planning for the season ahead.


Thanks for reading and until next week,


Fillah KarimComment