The Off-Season

The off-season is one of my favourite times of the year. Contrary to what you might deduce from the name, this is definitely not time off training! Instead, this is the time when you get to make the most improvements. During regatta season, you are typically fine-tuning the skills that you already have. The off-season is when I get to build those skills. Because I don’t have to worry about performing for an extended period of time, I get to brake down my weaknesses to their core and then build them up to new heights. In addition, key areas such as fitness and mental skills, which tend to fall into maintenance mode during regatta season, become top priorities, which frequently means some of the biggest progress of the year. 

 During this time, I have also been working on putting together my training plan for the year. Now that the excitement and emotions from the summer have passed, I am able to truly objectively evaluate what I did right and what I did wrong this year and decide what needs to happen differently for the coming year. I feel like I am on track. I know what my next steps need to be. Now I am just working on figuring out the logistics, the specifics, the funding, and all of the other aspects that need to come together to make it happen. 


Thanks for reading and until next week,


Fillah KarimComment