A big step forward

I am writing this update from the Auckland airport where I will shortly be boarding a flight to Sydney. Yesterday was the last day of the Sail Auckland regatta (although we didn’t race yesterday due to a lack of wind) where I finished 11th overall, 1st under 21. This regatta represented a very big step in my progression because it was the first time that I have been able to put together good individual races in a competitive fleet. It is actually quite interesting to look at my progression from the regattas that I have done over the last three months. First, there was the Sailing World Cup in Melbourne where I was usually somewhere in the back half of the fleet in most races. Next, was the Sail Sydney regatta where I had some good moments in individual races, but was not able to put that together to actually have any mark roundings in the top group of the fleet. After Sail Sydney was the Sailing World Cup in Miami where I had a number of good mark roundings where I was in the top group of the fleet, but inevitably, most of the fleet would pass me over the course of the race and I would still cross the finish line in the back group. Finally, after Miami was the Sail Auckland regatta that just finished which was the first time that I have had good individual races on my score line. The next step will be to put together enough good races to actually do well in a competitive regatta. Admittedly, that is a big jump from where I am at currently, but that is the direction that things need to go. However, for now, I am happy that I can clearly see my improvements in the regattas that I have done and am looking forward to continuing that upward trend.

Tomorrow, we will begin training in Sydney. This is going to be a very intense training block being only 10 days long and last training block before the European racing season begins. I think that the whole group feels that we have a lot of work to do in this period of time, similarly to cramming before an exam. Everyone will be coming out with maximum intensity and focus, which I think will contribute to a really productive training block. Looking forward to it!


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