So Many Improvements!

It seems like I say this after every training block, but this last month and a half of training feels like it has been one of my best. This could show that each training block I do is better than the last, or it could just mean that since it is the most recent, all of the positives are still very fresh in my mind. Realistically, it’s probably a little bit of the two. In any case, I’m very satisfied with the progress that I made during this period of time. It started off with a training camp in Port Stephens (a venue which is a couple hours from Sydney). In Port Stephens, I saw a significant improvement to my downwind sailing as well as a big breakthrough in my ability to effectively manage big ocean swell sailing upwind in light wind. After Port Stephens, we went to Auckland to compete in the Sail Auckland regatta. This regatta was the first ever time where I have been able to put together some really good individual races in a competitive fleet, which really shows how effective my training over the last few months has been. After Auckland, we went back to Sydney for a short ten day training block. In Sydney, I had a huge breakthrough with my upwind speed in moderate to windy conditions as well as some good improvements with my downwind speed in surfing conditions. All of this is to say that I’m really happy with how things are going. I think that a big part of what made this training block so productive was how much I was able to gain from the whole training group (in addition to superb coaching from Brett as usual). Given that this is an individual sport, aside from the benefit of having good sailors to line up with, I’ve never really given much credit to some of the other positives of having a really good training group. My two main training partners, Colin and Stef, are both competitive right at the top of the international fleet and are preparing for the Rio Olympics. They are always more than willing to help me out with advice and tips to get my sailing to a higher level. In addition, I think that being in an environment where everyone is pushing to achieve excellence has had a really positive impact on my sailing.


I’m writing this update on the long-haul flight from Sydney back home to Vancouver (still got 12 hours to go…) where I will be for five days before I head to Europe for just short of THREE MONTHS!! Its tough to only be going home for such a short period of time and then gone for so long, but I’m still looking forward to being at home and seeing my family. Next stop after Vancouver will be Palma, Spain.


That’s all for now, thanks for reading.



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